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Oddfish is a place to think out loud, and share ideas. The focus is on research about editing at UCL’s Department of Information Studies, which has a Centre for Publishing, and which is a member of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. I am interested in what I call acts of editing, whoever is doing them, across time and across different technologies. My hope is that this work will result in at least one book.

I also get provoked into thought by colleagues and students at Roehampton University, where I teach in the Creative Writing Programme; by the work of our research centre ReWrite; by fellow members of the International Association of Literary Journalism Studies (IALJS); by the people in the Prospect Reading Group, and by many, many friends.

A word of explanation about oddfish. Back in the late 1990s, during the first dotcom boom, I coined the name for an editorial consultancy that set out to help web publishers develop good content. The commercial project was overtaken by events but some of my current concerns took shape in that period, and oddfish lives on in this blog.

An etiquette request: feel free to cite the contents of this site, but please attribute, as outlined in the Creative Commons licence displayed here.

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