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Open for (PhD supervision) business

November 30, 2014

Now that my own PhD is done and dusted, I am looking to take on doctoral students at the University of Roehampton, where I have worked for the last 10 years. Besides supportive supervision, I can offer expertise in two areas.

The first taps into specialised knowledge and experience about contemporary publishing and editing, including digital media, and the way in which editorial roles change over time. This connects with book history, information studies, the digital humanities, journalism, translation studies, and media studies.

The second draws on long years of teaching and practice in writing narrative nonfiction. This is a broad umbrella term for a genre sometimes identified as creative nonfiction, literary journalism, travel literature or life writing (memoir and biography).

In both cases I can offer an overview of the relationship between practice and theory, and the potential of poetics and rhetoric to dialogue with other traditions.

If you are contemplating a PhD and looking for someone with this range of interests, please get in touch.

One good way of starting down the doctoral road is through the Techne AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership, a consortium of seven higher education institutions including Roehampton. This will award approximately 35 PhD studentships per year, until 2019, complete with stipend and fee waiver. The awards are very competitive, but all applications are considered.

The focus of Techne (Greek for ‘craft’) is on interdisciplinarity and career potential both within and beyond academia. The programme includes input and placement opportunities provided by Techne’s 13 partner organisations in the cultural sector.

The deadline for the current round is Friday January 9, 2015. Interviews are held February 16 to 23, 2015. The studentship start on October 1, 2015. For further information on how to apply, please go to the University of Roehampton’s Graduate Office web pages.

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